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10 Ways -How To Be Confident


Confidence is a powerful word and also the most powerful feeling. Every people must need confidence in their life. If you can remember a time in your life when you felt confident, that feeling was unstoppable and on top of the world. Confidence affects your health and well-being, career, and your relationship.

So, there are ten powerful ways to built a confidence. You can try all of things if you want to powerful confidence in your life.

Be Specific To Be Confident

If you want be confidence, as the first thing you get specific.

Once you have found the specificity, you will not feel overwhelmed as you will have something tangible to deal with.

Maybe you want to be confident out on your own and start a new business? Or maybe you want to go back to school to get the degree you were looking for? Maybe you would like to be confident to go on an adventure or take a trip that you have been thinking about for some time.

Uncover What Gives You Confidence

This is a personal thing. Therefore it will differ from person to person. There is no one-size-fits-all for self-confidence and what works for one, will not always work for another.

Be True To You

The surest way to lose your confidence is to try to become someone else. You should not follow someone else. Therefore be true to yourself is the best way to build your confidence. If you are trying to become someone else, in that situation you are not. So, you should be you, not everyone else. After then you can understand who you are and your values and strengths.

Remember You Are 100 % Smart

While one of my daughters was in the 4th grade, her teacher gave her an assignment called 100% smart. In this activity, the children had to make a pie chart and indicate how smart they were by percentage in the following areas; people, title, body, mathematics, name, music, art.

For example, my friend was 25% intelligent, but only 5% clever of art. This has been a very sensible exercise for him and something I have shared with many clients over the years. He realized that although he was not confident in the arts, there were many other places where he was successful.

Stop Comparing Yourself

You should stop comparing yourself to others. Especially now, with social media and a great opportunity to judge yourself against many others! Lack of confidence comes from the space where you see yourself and where you think you should be.

Realize You Are Enough

You can try it, even though this may sound a little bit corny. This positive affirmation resonates at a deep level and has a powerful effect.

Acquire New Skill

Confidence is often directly linked to abilities. This is the best way to build your confidence to get new skills and experiences. When growing your skills automatically grow your confidence. When you work on building your skills please do not mistake a lack of perfection for a lack of ability. If you think that just because you are the best, you can build your confidence because no one is perfect.

Change Your State To Be Confident

If you can changing your physical and mental state, that is one of the quickest ways to build your confidence. Firstly, you need to know what the state of confidence looks and sounds like for you. Therefore to do this you need the above things.

Find Yourself A Cheerleader

Yes, while I understand that self-confidence is a state of origin, you can also boost your self-confidence in the people you choose to spend time with.

Just Do It To Be Confident

When Nike came up with the slogan in the late ’80s, they knew how to get the general public off their buttocks and move. Apparently, this is a good strategy for confidence too. When you stand at the edge of the water; waiting, wondering, worrying if there is anything you can do, you lose confidence. Your fears sink in and you begin to doubt yourself. But when you take the climb of faith, come in, and get started, your confidence builds up quickly.

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