About Ecooking

Ecooking is the luxury for your skin with an uncompromising focus on efficiency. It was launched in 2015. This is a luxury for your skin every day, and it developed with a strong emphasis on the ingredients and the effect they have. This product is developed by experienced Danish skincare manufacture and entrepreneur who initially produced and bottled all products by hand at her little factory, these products focusing on effect with natural and organic ingredients.

These products are developed as a series of products to solve specific problems with the skin. Their approach troubleshoots any particular skin challenges. Step by step, we can formulate and develop products to meet any need, and now our range is wide enough to tackle any specific skincare difficulty.


Ecooking for everyone

They have products for every skin type or challenge. Irrespective of skin type, gender, or age. Their philosophy is that everyone deserves that sense of well being that healthy and well-nourished skin gives.

The names of products

  • Rensegel cleansing gel
  • Dagcreme- day cream
  • Fugtmaske – moisturizing mask
  • Fugit serum- moisturizing serum
  • Multi balm
  • Lip balm


Rensegel cleansing gel

Rensegel works just like any cleansing gel. Then rub your hands and massage onto the face in circular motions. After that rinse off with water.

Dagcreme – day cream

This is the moisturizer cream. This can apply after using the cleansing gel. It includes hyadisine, which is proven to improve collagen and elastin in the skin, which in turn keeps the structure of the skin moisturized. And also, another one of the main ingredients is trylagen, which works on the collagen in the skin to the surface to prevent signs of aging.

Fugtmaske – moisturizing mask

Before applying this, you need to clean skin and you just need to apply an even layer all over the face and leave it for 10 minutes. Shea butter, glycerin, vitamin E and sunflower oil are included in the mask.

Fugt serum – moisturizing serum

It is a clear serum.  And it is like with all of these products, a little goes a long way. This is pretty similar to the moisturizing mask but a lot thinner. This serum is to apply after cleaning or even after washing off the moisturizing mask if you feel that your skin just needs a little boost.

Multi balm

This multi balm comes in a cute little pot and the lid twists off. This can be applying to the skin and it works to moisturize and heal rashes, dry or sensitive skin, lips, cracks, and wounds. We can try this on your hands and lips as traveling to and from work in the winter has meant that your skin has needed a little TLC.


Lip balm

Lip balm contains argan oil, shea butter, natural beeswax, and almond oil as well as vitamin E for extra goodness. This lip balm is pomegranate flavor and its smell is amazing.

Basically they help people to healthy and beautiful skin without too much fuss. They don’t pretend anything. Their products are easy to grasp, easy to use and so efficient, that you can let go of the worries about your skin and just enjoy the beauty of life.

And also they only use the best ingredients, each of which is selected according to the desired effect they have on the skin. And yet they maintain a price that makes Ecooking affordable for everyone.

They offer certified skincare products to soothe and nourish your skin. Its core mean is food for your skin.

Ecooking Games

  • Popcorn maker
  • Eggs Florentine pizza
  • Watermelon balls cake
  • Strawberry shortcake cooking
  • Vegan day frenzy
  • Fast food restaurant frenzy
  • Bocconcini pizza



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