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Donald Trump US finances should get cut of TikTok deal


The president of America Donald trump asked on Thursday his emergency economic powers to impose broad sanctions against TikTok. Even the expected that ratchets up pressure on the Chinese owned app to sell its U.S. assets to an American company.

Within 45 days of ordering, any business transaction between TikTok parent company is ByteDance, and US citizens will be outlawed for national security reasons.

In practically, experts told NPR from the order could not get virus video service longer anymore receive advertising American companies and the app could be removed from the apple and google apps store.

For more than 100 million people America who have downloaded in TikTok, experts tell the app may no longer be sent software updates, eventually becoming impossible for the company to manage.

According to the order, the white house tells TikTok to apprehend vast swaths of information from its users including location data and internet search history, data the administration fears could be shared with authorities in Beijing.

Tiktok has underestimated its relations with Beijing. And saying that data it captures on us users is stored mostly in Virginia. Even though have repetitive pawers to ask data from private companies, TikTok authorities insist that their company never received the data to the chines authorities.

A federal class-action lawsuit involving dozens of American families as the saying the goes that the claims an independent security review of TikTok revealed that the app harvesting data including the facial profiles of American users and sending it to Chinese serves, though the suit does not provide evidence any information has never been transferred to the Chinese communist party.

Tiktok is open about what gather it. It is the same captured by apps owned by American tech companies Google, Facebook, and apple. But according to white house difference is that the theoretical possibility of TikTok handing over data to Chinese authorities.

Eventually, also on Thursday the Senate unanimously passed a bill to ban TikTok on government-issued devices, as the view that the app could pose a national security threat to us gains new bipartisan support in Washington.  

How ever, a spokesman for TikTok did not immediately return a request for comment about the executive order.




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