COVID-19 World Essential Services

Due to COVID-19, our world is in a hazardous situation. Because it has not stopped yet and Spreading very fast around the well as some healed persons fell to this virus again. Some media informed COVID-19 is going to start a new version in different ways. So now we must care about this. The better way to take care of this virus is to stay at home at avoiding going places where most people’s moving we need to understand what are the essential services during this period.

List Of Essential Services In COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Health Care/ Public Health / Human Services
  2. Law Enforcement, Public Safety, First Responders
  3. Food and Agriculture
  4. Energy
  5. Water and Wastewater
  6. Transportation and Logistics
  7. Public Works & Infrastructure Support Services
  8. Communications and Information Technology
Essential service Electricity In Covid-19 pandemic

Now people are worrying even small they need excellent health services. The government can supply these services. Suitable for this occasion, and most governments are already doing this. Human’s most essential function is food Because they can live only 3 or 4 days without food. Most governments get some valuable steps to solve this problem. I want to tell the best way is the motivate people to plant. Due to this COVID-19, many countries completely lockdown, And Their Economy is going down. And people have to stay in their houses.

People need electricity and water. So the government has to supply these services using low human power. Some peoples lost their jobs. Because some companies and service centers wholly closed due to this virus. And people who lost their jobs need some support services from the government to take care of their families during this period. Many universities, schools, and other studying services, as well as most companies, do their works using information technology via the companies who provide communication and information technology services cannot stop their services. They have to do their jobs, reducing human power.

Those are the essential services at this time. We can reduce other stuff for our protection. Finally, I would like to remember, please reduce going out; please use healthy tips. We can help finish COVID-19 and take care of our countries and peoples from this.



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