COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 Pandemic

These days COVID 19 has expanded worldwide. It has grown more than 200 countries around the world. All health societies have made various types of efforts to control this virus. COVID 19 is a dangerous virus that was beginning in China. All countries have been finding medicines and injunctions for this pandemic. Due to COVID 19, the global economy was chaotic. There are some issues in World Essential Services. Health, education, political, production industry, tourism industry, and all other factors are depending on the worldwide economy. 

The manufacturing sector also holds. Governments have informed people that follow health tips to reduce COVID 19. They always remember people that use face masks and hand sanitizers or something like that. People can’t work together, as previously. China is using RobotTechnology for its manufacturing sectors as well as They are using these technological methods for other industries. However, technology is beneficial to people under this condition. Not only manufacturing people use this technology for the health sector, education, delivery of some stuff, and many other fields. Many countries are using technology to control this virus. The health sector uses this technology for transport medicine, checking up patients, and for other things.   Furthermore, small countries use this opportunity efficiently.

Due to COVID 19 Retreat Of Tourism


Due to lockdown, the Tourism industry also has stopped. The tourism industry is the central part of the GDP(Gross Domestic Product) in all countries. United States, Spain, the united kingdom, and Thailand are the most earning countries from international tourism. Unfortunately, under this condition, all arrivals are cancelled. People can’t travel to other countries. It is a massive loss for these countries because Small countries depend on developed countries, like Sri Lanka. Now low countries have received an excellent opportunity to get a self- development. These small countries can produce what they want. They will be able to export their products in the future. COVID 19  has given a chance to the world to think about again global Economy.




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