Farming as a career

In very few educated or wealthy people take to farming. They think that it is the poor villager’s job. In Australia, Canada, Russia, and some other countries, it is one of the most popular careers and farmers from a precious and vital action of the population.

The ambition of every boy in every country is to join government service. They prefer white-collar jobs to agriculture or trade. False notions of social status make them look down upon farming or any other form of natural labor. This is purely due to the wrong type of education imparted in our schools.

Why farming is important

Farming as a career gives one a healthy, independent, and carefree life. When we buy vegetables and other kinds of stuff in the supermarket. those vegetables and different types of material stocked for a few days. And also, people have put chemicals into products. Therefore, when we consume those products, it gives us many side effects on the body. But farming products entail work in the fresh air and sunshine. In contrast, clerical work or teaching or any other profession means dull and monotonous work in ill-ventilated and congested places. That is why most of the workers in offices and factories do not enjoy good health.

If every twenty present of the students who pass out of schools take to farming, developing countries will be self-sufficient in food within a short time. It is only through agricultural development that poor and developing countries’ economies could be stabilized. The first essential for this is a complete change in our educational policy and the reorganization of our schools.

All students should receive trading in agriculture, and individual institutions should be established for those who want to specialize in the subject. People will then not look down upon farming as a career. Lack of capital and land is another drawback.

Government facilities

The government should give financial aid to those who want to take to farming. The primitive implements and methods used by our farmers must give way to modern techniques and machinery. When that is done, farming as a career would be attractive to many enthusiastic young men who leave our schools.

Export and import products

Today many countries import rice, chilies, flour, dhal, peas, gram, and many other foodstuffs from foreign countries. These imports cost us millions of rupees, which could be used for developing countries. We have vast stretches of fertile land, a pleasant climate with plenty of rain, and thousands of idle young men. With all these resources, poor and developing countries depend on India, China, Pakistan, Thailand, and other countries for food.

If we are to make country self-supporting we must first of all train our youth in the ways of scientific all the developed countries science has played an essential part in agricultural development. Modern farm machinery can do the work of thousands of laborers at a minimal cost in a short time. As well as it’s productivity is very high. We can do significant work in a short period.

The government has already taken steps to provide co-operative societies and agricultural committees with tractors and other machinery. The latest measure has been to encourage well-established firms with sufficient resources to grow foodstuffs. Tens of thousands of acres have been given on long lease for growing vegetables, onions, pulses and paddy. It is hoped that these new-comers would make a substantial contribution to relieving our dependence on other countries for food supply.

Farming, as a career, holds out excellent prospects for those who are willing to go back to the land and work hard. It offers unlimited opportunities for young men with ambition and imagination. Guaranteed prices for farm produce, easy credit for carrying out agricultural schemes, a sound transport system and distribution centers, crop insurance, and other concessions and facilities are expected to bring about a complete change in the educated young men’s attitude towards farming as a career.

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