Simply Artificial Intelligence means develop computer systems, Think like a human and mimic their actions. Computer scientists are building smart machines Capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. So it can get emotional decisions using advanced analytical techniques.

When scientists start to develop this Smart Machines

This technology began the early 1950s with the scientific Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence at Dartmouth College, USA. The beginnings of AI go even further back to the work of Alan Turing – And then goes back to the well-known Turing test of Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon. IBMs Deep Blue chess computer, which succeeded in 1996, is the first machine beat the reigning chess world champion, Garry Kasparov, in a match. It is the turning point of artificial intelligence that gets into the focus of the world. In data centers and on mainframes, AI algorithms have used for many years.


Everyday Artificial Intelligence Uses

When you hear about AI, we will remember gigantic tech robots and very complicated stuff. In reality, artificial intelligence is experienced most people until morning tonight. Nowadays, all digital products using some percentage of AI features in their products. Here are few best examples you never mind as an AI feature in day to day life.

1. Open your phone with face ID

After wake up, all people find their mobile phone and unlock it. Nowadays, 90% of mobile phones use biometrics such as with face ID to secure phone. It uses artificial intelligence to perform this action. It lights up your face and places a huge number of dots on your face and capture image of yours.when you unlock your phone they compare your face with previous one using machine learning algorithms if your face match system will open.

2.Social Media

There are many social media platforms in the world. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. They are Using many machine learning algorithms to analyze you. They make your feed very interesting and useful for using these algorithms. Because it’s learning what types of posts and niches most resonate with you based on history .it’s identifying friend suggestions, filtering out spam and AI is working to prevent cyberbullying.

LinkedIn uses Ai to match candidates to jobs with the hopes of creating better employee-employer matches. And Pinterest lens uses AI features to identifying objects in images. When you capture photos using Pinterest’s LENS tool, then you can find peoples with similar reactions. Chatbots are the new trend. It recognizes words and phrases using AI algorithms to Deliver content to customers. This is very helpful who has common questions.


4.Helps With Web Searches

AI serves quite a service in web searching. When you find something on the search engine you can see recommendations for you, that’s AI in action. For example when you find “Fastest Car in the world”, the search engine find the best answer for you among 1000 of answers.

5.Improve Experience in Online Shopping

Amazon, AliExpress,eBay and other online sellers gather information from you.they use complicated machine learning techniques to it. And the suggest products for you when you shopping in their is very useful for customers and also sellers can improve their sales.

6.Digital voice assistants

You can control your digital devices using voice commands. Many AI-based voice assistant programmes can identify your voice among 1000 voices. Google Home, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and windows Cortana are well-developed voice assistants. natural language processing and generators are driven by AI to return answers to you.


End of the day we are too tired, and we need to relax. Many of us use streaming services like Netflix. Its recommendation engine is to perform its actions using artificial intelligence. It uses your past viewing history to suggest what you might want to watch (including genres, actors, periods, and more). It has tools to get what time of day you were viewing and what you traditionally like during that timeframe. Netflix’s recommendations drive 80 % of what we’re watching.


AI made by combining AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data. AI may be a broad field of study that has many theories, methods and technologies, also because the following major subfields:


Industries That Use AI Technologies

1. Healthcare

In the health care industry, most parts using Artificial intelligence technologies Because they perform their actions accurately. Digital consultation, Robotics in surgery, Hassle-free data maintenance Are the top charts.

2. Education

AI-based education systems are most helpful for teacher, students and also parents. In-School and university teachers can grading exams, assessing homework and providing valuable responses to their students using these systems. As well as this is very helpful for student and parents.

3. Marketing

In the marketing, sector use more AI-based algorithms. These algorithms collect personal information using it. As a result, marketers can release their product advertisement directly to customers who they can increase customer click through rates. And also, Google’s responsive search ads will compile different combinations and come out with the optimized descriptions that would enable the marketers to strategize better.

4. Retail and E-commerce

5. Financial markets and services




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