To activate Facebook dark mode, you have do the below things.

  • First, update your Facebook App
  • Go to the menu and open Settings and privacy
  • And find the dark mode option and turn it on

Normally, the social media platform have been updating their options. Among them, dark mode is one of the most popular improvements. Apart from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are also have modified this option. This feature is more friendly to the above app users. The owner of social media Mark Zuckerberg has introduced dark mode feature to only iOS users and they enjoy it. However, now he has introduced Android users. Here, we will tell you how to activate that on Android.

Facebook Dark Mode On Android

1. Firstly, you have to install the latest version on Facebook on your mobile phone. You can go to the play store. Then you can see if you already update your Facebook App.

2.Then you go to your Facebook menu and open the settings and privacy.

3.Now you can display the list and find the dark mode option. Click on it and activate it.

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