Next Generation Education
Next Generation Education

What is Next Generation Education

Next Generation Education is a type of learning and educating way that breaks down traditional models of education. It’s a reformed way in traditional education. Traditional education styles are lecture halls, busy work, standardized tests, blocks of classroom time. The Next-generation learning process focuses on various capability students. World technology has changed. Traditional education methods have many problems because of many reasons. They have failed to effectively classified education models for each student. Today education has more centralized.

Key Elements

Personalization – Personalization is the next generation education process. Every student does not learn at the same speed or with the same effect and efficiency. This is the going trend for students and teachers. Because we can learn without worrying about the device, location as well as time constraints, so, by delivering a personalized educational experience, students can see those things more effectively. Some people have to visualize things to fully understanding. Then others can simply listen or read about during the concept.

Flexibility – Flexibility is another key element of next-generation education. It helps the students to better understanding complicated matters using personalized skills students have. Technology has helped to promote flexibility by allowing teaching and learning to be more interactive.

Interactive – the more interactive education is, the more relatively a student will be to participate in their learning. Participation increases the quality of learning. Interactive programs also help to increase student’s conciliation. Also, it is helpful to decline shy or timid students by allowing them into other students.

next generation education

Challengers of next generation education

Next generation education challengers [ NDLC] supports to the educators. It helps them apply what we now know about learning to school design, help them to live next-generation professionally, and work with them to generate environments in which next-generation learning can increase.

  • Need to change schools

There are many reasons to change school. Today students have been faced an uncertain and rapidly changing future.

  • Designing for Equity  

When next generation education cultural lens, values whole-person development and equips students and educators to address injustice, they serve equity.

  • Building community

When educators design and create new schools, they hope to build a community among the students.

How do we educate from next generation education

next generation education

Firstly, we should change the education system. Education has not changed in the last 100 + years. Students every day have blocked in the classrooms and lecture rooms. After the industrial revelation, the main principle of education has abided. But schools are not keeping up with the change and fail to prepare students for life. And many students say training did not make for what they are doing today. What are the students preparing for?

They should prepare for their future. They should ready for future challenges. Global warning, emergence AI, overpopulation, gender inequality, and the vast wealth gap are the top challenges that shape our future. As well as we can’t train students every area needed in the future even if we know what discipline is needed. Then how we prepare children for an unknown future? for example, the only way is to help students learn by themselves. Therefore they can adapt to a new environment.

Self – learning is another top concept for the future. It is an education process without the guidance of masters or teachers. Self – studies is a very good concept for students. It is a very easy journey for the students from learning self – studying.

There are 8 considerations for teaching the next generation of learners.

  • Products of value
  • Decisional capital
  • Personalized experience
  • Context matters
  • Habits of mind
  • Technology
  • Feedback
  • Tradition

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