sports and games

A healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body. That is why sports and games lay an essential place in our schools. Both the mental and physical development of a child depends upon the way he exercises his body.

Most popular games

In Ceylon, the most popular games among school children are football, cricket, netball, tennis, volleyball, and hockey . of these. Football is the commonest. A real game of football has two teams with eleven players in each team. Each team has its own captain whom the team ought to obey. The rules in football are very important. You are allowed to kick the ball, but you are not allowed to touch with your hands.

Only one person in the team is allowed to touch the ball with hands, and that is the goalkeeper. When the game begins, players arrange themselves in three lines of each side of the ball. These are called forward lines, the half-back line, and the backs. Besides the players, there is one other person on the field. He is the referee, and although he does not play, he is very important. His chief business is to see that the rules are obeyed. Football is a game played by men and boys. Girls do not play football because they cannot kick very far.

Special Games For Girls

         There are special games for girls, of which netball is the most popular. In this game, the players try to throw the ball through the ring in the post belonging to the other team. It is harder to play than football because the ring is very small. Of course, in football, you have to run a long way, and in the netball, you don’t have run so far. In netball, you are not allowed to kick the ball.

sports and games
sports and games

You are only allowed to throw it. The most important thing is to be able to throw it straight to your own team. You must also be able to throw the ball through the small ring, and that is not at all easy.

Difference between games and sports

       The difference between a game and a sports meeting is that in a game, each player tries to win for this team, but in a sports meeting, each one tries to win for himself. There are many things to do at a sports meeting, such as the high jump, the long jump, and the hundred yards race. There are rules for a sports meeting like the rules for games. You are not allowed to win a prize unless you obey all the rules. For example, you must not rush anybody when you are racing, and you are not allowed to touch anybody when you are jumping.

Apart from these games and sports, there are other forms of recreation and exercise, such as swimming. Although swimming by itself is not a game, there are some games which you cannot play unless you can swim. The most important of such a game is water-polo, which is something like a football. There are two teams, and each team has its own captain; of course, you cannot kick the ball in the water, so in water-polo, the ball is thrown from one player to another, although many girls can swim girls do not play water-polo very often.

Every boy and every girl ought to play a game of one kind or another. Each of us ought to play the game which he or she likes best. Games are important because they teach us to play for our team instead of for ourselves. They also teach us to obey the captain, who is the chief player of our own team. Of course, a person who is weak cannot enjoy a hard game like football or cricket, but unless he is very weak, indeed he can easily enjoy some other game like tennis or badminton. Apart from the pleasure of playing games will make us grow up tall and strong. 

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