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7 New Thoughts About Youth That Will Turn Your World Upside Down.


Youth is a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence. Youth is an enjoyable period in a lifetime. As a category, youth is more fluid than other fixed age- groups.

The top issues facing youth today

The society we live in is rapidly changing every day every time. Therefore, we have to adapt to this situation. Youth generation can adapt to any situation quickly. Today youth face many issues.


A society promotes materialism, and young people taught to measure success and happiness in life-based on how much stuff they have.


Today most and more children have become obese. The reason is that the youngest people are using TV or laptop and smartphone. They have not enough time to exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Education inequality

Different groups of young people learn different ways. Some young people have enough resources to learn. But some people haven’t enough resources to learn very well. Therefore, they have had to face various difficulties in finding a job. According to the world inequality database on education, more than 25% of children worldwide never have been to primary school.

Shifting economy

Today, the economy has opened to the markets and globalization. There is a shifting economy. It makes more difficult things for young people to find jobs.

Drug / Alcohol

These days most teenagers have addicted to drugs and alcohol. As well as smoking. 21 % of high school students admit drug use and 41% report drinking alcohol by now.

Violence in schools

Schools play a significant part in the formation of the young person’s foundation for building a life. It is reasonable to expect that the places for learning should be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always safe. In the last decade, 284 children have murdered due to school violence.

Stress and time management

As young people, they should know how to manage the time. Young people expected to be successful. But they have not active management. And also they always get stress while they are working. When they are finding the time, they have to face the most significant challenges.

When we consider Kenyan youth, they are facing many challenges today. They have been facing many social problems. The biggest problem is that employment creation. There is 500,000 youth who graduate every year. But 75% of people are unemployed yet. There is a health problem. Even though they want the distribution of health facilities, according to statistics, indicate that only 42% of the population has access to medical facilities. Empowerment and participation is the most problem in Kenyan. It is a significant challenger.

Education and training are other challengers due to high cost, poverty, and lack of facilities, high school dropout rates. Crime and drugs, youth and environment, information and communication technology, youth with special needs, and access to financial resources are other challengers facing Kenyan youth.  Crime and drugs are rapidly growing among youth in Kenyan since the early-mid 1980s. Alcohol, cigarettes, khat[ miraa], and cannabis Sativa are the most popular drugs in the country as well as violent criminal attacks, including rape, mugging, armed carjacking, and home invasions are a crime in the Kenyan.

Characteristics of the youth

There are five characteristics of the youth.

  • Physical characteristics
  • Emotional characteristics
  • Mental characteristics
  • Social characteristics
  • Spiritual characteristics

Youth is the time of life when someone is young. It means the time between childhood and adulthood. At a young age, we can gather many experiences in life. These experiences are more critical to future things. Youths are great people and the most specialist segment of people. They always found new things and get a unique experience in life.

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